Medicare Patients

The Aljan Company does not accept assignment with Medicare. While we are certified to see Medicare patients and bill for services directly to Medicare, we are not contracted with them; we are what is referred to as a NON-ASSIGNED PROVIDER. This means that any payment Medicare issues will be sent directly to you. In addition, the difference between the Medicare allowed amount and the billed amount of your device may be your responsibility.

What Happens Next Medicare


Contracted Medicare Advantage/Replacement Plans

  • Dean Health Plan
  • Quartz Senior Preferred

Unless listed above, The Aljan Company is not in network with your Medicare Advantage/Replacement Plan. The plan you have chosen replaces traditional Medicare. When you choose to see an out of network provider, your out of pocket costs will be higher as no discounts are taken. Please refer to our Out of Network policy for additional information. If you wish to proceed with services at the Ajan Company, the terms in that policy will apply. If you wish to find a provider that is in your network, please contact the number on the back of your insurance card.

Out Of Network